PrimoPiano Bistrot

Welcome to PRIMPOPIANO Bistrot&Lounge an oasis of flavors nestled among yachts, palm trees, and the gentle flow of the river.

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Our menu is inspired by the sea, rooted in Italian culinary tradition but with a global perspective thanks to the international experience of our chefs. The ingredients served at our tables are strictly first choice, selected locally and always accompanied by excellent drinks.

During the summer season, PRIMPOPIANO also becomes a magic River Bar: the perfect spot for a light lunch or for unforgettable happy hours by the poolside.

The Restaurant

The restaurant, bathed in natural light through large windows, unfolds between the elegant indoor dining area and the unmissable terrace overlooking the river, always caressed by the evening breeze. Upon entering, you will immediately realize that the sea is the protagonist, with vintage galleons and a floor that replicates the original mosaics of the ancient Port of Trajan. The dining area is complemented by an elegant fireplace that warms the winter evenings, comfortable seats in green velvet, and spacious tables.

Food & Wines

Each dish we offer is the result of meticulous research for prime ingredients; we favor local produce, seasonality, and a natural pairing of ingredients, never forced but always distinctive. We are constantly seeking out new wineries, and our staff is always available to suggest wines that complement our dishes seamlessly.

At the River Bar during the summer season, the colors and expert mixology of our bartender come alive.

The Staff

Our young team has traveled a lot and brought back the best to enhance the flavors of our cuisine, aiming to create a magical experience for all customers who sit at our tables.